Commercial Central TV
"We Parody The World"
CCTV is Social Commentary.
We parody, satirize and poke fun of companies, products, people and things. All in the form of television commercials.

Each show is divided into three segments (Contemporary Creations, Viewer Competition & Celebrity Smackdown) with the hosts providing the commentary and some humor of their own.

And, you get to vote, comment and kibitz every step of the way. Enjoy & be sure to tell your friends!

Lyle Benjamin & Jennivere Song Lee, Hosts of Commerical Central TV
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The success of CCTV is entirely dependant on your involvement ... voting, posting your comments to cast, crew
And the world ... even submitting your own viewer commercial or making a donation. Every week we
Post new content & every day there'll be new viewer comments. So sign-up & sign-in often.
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The events depicted are fictional; however, any similarity to actual
people, events, products or companies is purely intentional.
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