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CCTV Productions & More

The launch of "CCTV" in the Fall of 2010 is one of many
projects under development by Lyle Benjamin.

Based on Benjamin's success in the writing, board
game and publishing fields, "CCTV" is actively working
on development of the following programs:

In Production:
Writing, Storyboarding, Casting, Directing
Shooting, Special Effects, Editing
TV Series:
"The Greatest Super Bowl Commercials
You've Never Seen - Until Now!"
Books & Programs:
"16 Things Kids Can Do ..." Series of Self-Help
Books Designed To Improve Parent/Kid Relations
Games & Apps:
"Chump! - The Game That Takes You
From Billions To Bust!"
Up Coming:
"Romantic Journey" ~ Auditioning Now!
Filming and released in conjuction with
Board Game & Game App
TV Series:
"Cooking with Kids"
16 Things Kids Can
Games & Apps:
"Board Games"
"Computer & iPhone Games"
"TV Game Shows"

Contact us to learn how you can participate in any of
these programs, or if we can help you produce the
Commercial, Pilot, Movie, Game or App of your Dreams!

Where do YOU
want to see CCTV?
ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, Fox, HBO, MTV, NBC Showtime
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